Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goin' Green - Expandable List

I'm new to this blog stuff, bare with me. I'm just putting together what comes to mind. I'll progress as I go.

This is my Expandable List of Green things to Do, ways to save money, and different ways to think about reusing what you have. Small things that we do at home to save money and do our part for the Earth. I'll add more as I think of it.

1) Fabric Softener/Drier Sheets --- re-use them! They're good 2-3 more times! Save a drier sheet box so you have a box for used ones and a box of new ones. You will definitely be able to feel when the drier sheets are used up. Think of the money you'll save when you get 2-3x per sheet!

2) Paper --- Shred it. Then, recycle it, compost it, or use it for your rodent's litter box or cage. We compost some and use some for our guinea pig's waste tray. It saves on buying cedar chips or wood shavings.

3) Canvas bags --- Use one in your vehicle for garbage. Use them throughout the house in places that don't have contaminated garbage (living room, bedroom, office, laundry room, kid's rooms...) Also, invest in about 10-20 for groceries -- depending on your family size. Plastic bags don't decompose.

4) Plastic coffee containers (folgers) & frozen juice lids (metal) --- wash all items. Cut a slit in the coffee lid - long and wide enough for the lids to slide through. Put numbers on the lids in large print with a sharpie. Help your child(ren) learn to recognize numbers and count as they slide the numbers into the coffee lid.

5) Egg cartons --- These make egg-celent (hahaha) paint containers for little artists. Fantastic for finger painting!

6) Old ice trays --- same concept as egg cartons. Break them in half from the middle - not longways - put paint in each cup. These can also be put in a plastic ziplock bag if paint is left in the cups.

I'll be back with more =)